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Merry Christmas 2013: Update: Dec 20, 2013: Thanks for choosing
To avoid last minute rush, please make your orders earlier. If you make your orders after 22nd,
it's not a guarantee to be picked up before christmas. to be available even
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Kenyabuy News And Updates

Update: Dec 27th , 2011: Happy New Year 2012: We would like to thank our kenyabuy shoppers for trusting us during the troubling year of 2011. It was the most troubling year for us since prices in Kenya were changing overninght and we were always fighting to catchup. We also would like to thank you for thinking of your loved ones. Here in Kenya, things were exorbitantly expensive, and your help really went a long way. Happy new year all. Phew, hope 2012 will be better.
Update: July 7th , 2011: Kenyabuy officially a Corporate client with Uchumi Supermarket: Now it is easier and better to shop for your loved ones who reside in all towns where Uchumi has a presence.
Faster than ever: - Within 5 minutes of submitting your payment, your order will be ready for packaging at the uchumi outlet chosen - NO KIDDING.
Guarantee Replacement: Your loved ones will be given a replacement for any stale item at any uchumi outlet in compliance with our agreement with Uchumi.
Special Service: Our Uchumi associate will package While your loved one is waiting.
  • Choose town where your loved ones resides
  • Choose uchumi branch
  • Browse items while adding them to your shopping cart.
  • Enter the details of your loved one who will pick the items.
  • Make payment.
  • Call your loved on to go to the outlet and pick the items.
  • If it's Uchumi Supermarket that you selected, your order will be ready within 5 minutes of payment.

  • We have partnered with Uchumi to bring you the best shopping experience for your loved ones who reside in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Meru, Kericho & Karatina.
    On July 7th, 2011, Kenyabuy and Uchumi concluded the pricess and therefore Kenyabuy is listed by Uchumi as a "Corporate Client".
    This partnership will bring your loved ones in Kenya a better experience when you shop for them through us.

    Thank you for not abandoning us.:
    Up to one year ago, your orders would take up to 7 working days to complete after you submit your payment
    We want to thank you for trusting us with your money. We did struggle through changing times when Kenya ICT was undergoing transformation, and we didn't relent because we understood how important our services was to the Kenyans in the diaspora.
    We welcome you to try our new partnership with Uchumi and we hope you will enjoy the services that come with our partnership with Uchumi.

    Sample List of items we carry:
    Cooking Oil: Kimbo, Cowboy, Elianto, Chipsy & Kasuku
    Cereals: Mwea/Pushori/Pakistain Rice, spaghetti, cerelac,Dengu,corn flakes..
    Additives: Blueband,Royco, kensalt, Curry Powder, Mumias Sugar, Zesta Jam...
    Spices: tea masala, pilau masala
    Flour: Exe, Familia Ujmix, Jogoo, Pembe
    Bakery: Brown long 800g, white long 800g, Brown short 400g, white short 400g..
    Kitchen: steel wire, Supabrite,ushindi,kiberiti matchbox..
    Bathroom: Rissy White Toilet Paper, Sifa Toilet paper, Harpic...
    Hardware: versatile, metrotile, saflok, cement, gutters
    Your baby: Johnson baby powder, maxx bumpers, vaseline baby jelly,..
    Personal care: Hairglo curl gel, cussons imparial leather soap, Venus Radiance shampoo, dettol soap, always, closeup, vaseline, kiwi
    Laundry: barsoap, Omo, stasoft,toss, Jik..

    Merry Christmas

    Update: Dec 22, 2010   On Behalf of, we would like to wish all our customers a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Us here at Kenyabuy, we were develeloping an idea that most people could not believe it would work. We were able to prove them wrong. We have had challenges and hard times since that mid morning of May 5th, 2007 when Kenyabuy was born under the basement of a house in Woodstock near Atlanta Georgia.

    It's unbelievable how much growth we have experienced. As a matter of fact, on December 5th , Kenyabuy signed an agreement with Uchumi as a "Corporate Client/Partner" to help process International orders. As a result, it has improved our dispatches and processing with our orders directed to Uchumi. Now, if any of our customers receives an item that is faulty, expired or below standard, Uchumi will match the item or get the item for you if it's out of stock.

    I encourage our customers who are living within Uchumi to try selecting Uchumi from our website. The loved ones back home will be very happy of the service they will receive since they will now be served by a Corporate Representative available from each outlet.

    All these could not be possible without your trust.

    Thank you for trusting us with your money over the past year.

    Kenyabuy News And Updates

    Update: March 18, 2010: Thanks for choosing Recently, we have had some orders delaying for between 3-4 business days due to unavoidable circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask you to be patient with us whenever we have such a delay. We will try to communicate to you and your loved ones whenever such a latency occurs. Please feel free to send us an email to and reference your order and we will respond as soon as possible
    Update: March 18, 2010:Please let it be us to contact your loved ones:To avoid your loved ones making unnecessary trip to tao when the order has not yet been completed, we decided that it would work more seamlessly if we are the ones contacting your loved ones when the order is ready. Of course we always contact them as soon as we receive your order, informing them that we are processing an order and once it's ready, we will inform them to come and collect. Therefore please don't ask your loved ones to come collect the items. It might not be ready yet. Let us be the ones to inform them once the order is ready. Again, thanks for using kenyabuy
    Update: September 4, 2008: Kenyabuy is moving "Deeper And Inland": Check the following new shops and new towns added on Aug 25th, 2008:
    Rift Valley Province
       1. Molo - Uchumi Stores
       2. Bahati Nakuru - KLondiani Traders
       3. Maili Saba Maili saba - Tumaini Stores
       4. Gilgil Nakuru - Gilgil Mattresses Ltd
       5. Sotik - Kaipess Bidii Stores
                     - Raha Wholesellers
    Central Province
       1. Nyeri - Mathai Supermarkets
       2. Kerugoya - Shree Ram Supermarkets
       3. Muranga - Maguna Abdu Supermarkets
       4. Nyahururu - Charma Gen Stores
       5. Kiambu - Kamindi Self Ridge
    Eastern Province
       1. Maua - Tradena Oasis Supermarket
       2. Meru - Dhophar Enterprises
       3. Makueni - Ngooni Supermarkets
       4. Kitui - Kitui Supermarkets
       5. Mwingi - Abdalla Ahmed and Company Supermarket
       6. Nkubu - Nkubu Young Traders
       7. Kangundo - Segani Wholesellers
       8. Chuka - Murago Stores
       8. Embu - Kagau Enterprise Co. Ltd
    Western Province
       1. Webuye - Webuye Mattresses
                            - Webuye Enterprises
       2. Kimilili - Jalakrupa Stores
       3. Bungoma - Ketya Drapers
                             - Shariffs Supermarket
       4. Busia - Onjula Enterprises
       5. Kakamega - Mama watoto
                              - Walia?s Supermarket
       6. Mumias - Abdulali Shariff J V & Sons
                           - Jamii Yako Supermarket
       7. Siaya - Siaya Self Service stores
                     - Siaya Supermarket Ltd
       8. Rongo - Awala Supermarket
       9. Kisii - Tusker Mattresses Ltd
       10. Keroka - Gesero Wholesalers
    Coast Province
       1. Hola - Hola Supermarkets
       2. Kwale - Muthaiga Mini Market
       3. Malindi - Long Beach Enterprises
       4. Waandanyi - Nacewa Agencies
       5. Taita - Musa Wholesalers
       6. Delta - Oromia Supermarket
       7. Bura - Bura East Supermarket
       8. Garissa - Alfatah Supermarket
    We are also negotiating a partnership with Uchumi Supermarkets and Superstores in Kenya and East Africa. Therefore we are temporarily using the following Uchumi Supermarkets:
       1. Nairobi - Sarit Hyper
       2. Nairobi - City Square
       3. Nairobi - Westllands
       4. Nairobi - Koinange
       5. Nairobi - Ngong Road
       6. Nairobi - Jogoo Road
       7. Nairobi - Buruburu
       8. Nairobi - Nairobi West
       9. Ngong Town - Ngong Hyper
       10. Mombasa - Mombasa Hyper
       11. Eldoret - Uchumi Supermarket
       12. Karatina - Uchumi Supermarket
       13. Meru - Uchumi Supermarket
    - - - - - - - -

    Update: Aug 25th, 2008: New shops added today Aug 25th, 2008:
       1. Iten - Kapchemutwa Wholesellers
       2. Kajiado - Kajiado Ent. Ltd
       3. Kapenguria - Temlak Wholesellers
       4. Kapsabet - Keben Supermarkets
       5. Kapsowar - Kongasis Traders
       6. Kipkelion - Chesinende H. Ware
       7. Litein - Tai Group Transporters and Wholesellers
       8. Lodwar - Noita Wholesalers
       9. Loitoktok - Victoria Super Markets
       10. Maralal - Bei Nafuu Ent
       11. Nanyuki - Nanyuki Service Stores
       12. Narok North - Narok North
    We already have shops in the following towns, and added other shops, to give our customers some variety pickup locations within a town
       1. Kitale - Trans Mattresses
       2. Marigat - Uchumi Shop
    Coming Soon:
       1. Njoro
       2. Gilgil
       3. Molo
       4. Sotik
    - - - - - - - -
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