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Merry Christmas 2013: Update: Dec 20, 2013: Thanks for choosing
To avoid last minute rush, please make your orders earlier. If you make your orders after 22nd,
it's not a guarantee to be picked up before christmas. to be available even
during Christmas.Please do your shopping earlier to avoid last minute

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I pay?

We are accepting payments through paypal. You dont have to have a paypal account to make the payments. If you are having issues using paypal, please contact one of our reps.

How Do I shop at ?

We try to make you shopping experience as simple as possible:

  • Choose a town, and a shop/store in the website
  • pick your items
  • Enter your information and your loved ones
    this information is for tracking purposes only and is deleted immediately after 3 months.
  • Make your payment at paypal

    Thats it. As simple as 1,2,3.

After My Payments what next?

After you complete your payment process, please give us a few hours, sometimes up to 1 day to process your order and we will contact your loved ones in Kenya and ask them to come pick the items at the shop.
Updated October 13th, 2011 We will send you an email (which you will enter here during checkout) if there will be any complications or if some products are not available because of any reason.
Updated October 13th, 2011: UCHUMI ORDERS If you choose any uchumi supermarket as your pickup location, the items will be readily available Instantly upon completion of payment - no kidding. Our partnership allows Uchumi associates can access an order that has been paid from their registers.

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