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Versatile roofing sheets
Versatile roofing sheets

Choose town first to see if it is available there.
Sample Pictures of Versatile Iron Sheets VERSATILE is a premium range roofing profile from Mabati Rolling Mills that gives the look of tiles. Its available in either Pre-Painted Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel (DUMU) with thickness choices of (0.32,0.40,0.50,0.60)mm or Pre-painted Aluminium sheets with thickness options of (0.50,0.60,0.70)mm.NB 0.32mm DUMU most common with our buyers

To help us serve you better, please send us an email to with the pickup town, and how many of what size of the versatile you need. These are the factors which determine the pricing of the versatile. Our affiliate outlets might have different prices for different towns.

This is what our customers do:

    1. Customer sends an inquiry email with the construction site location and the quantities needed of the variety chosen based on the colors and dimensions (thickness and widths). NB: 0.32 thickness is the most common to our customers.

    2. If needed, customers arranges for a visit to view our samples accompaned with their project managers or Site Engineer this is usually our first time buyers. Others bring their architectural plan for Our Kenyabuy Architect - Derrick who is always available for advice if needed.

    3. Our customers choose the quantities needed.

    4. Most customers leave for a consultation usually with their project managers, site engineers, friends or even with their loved ones.

    5. Customer arranges for payment.

    6. Kenyabuy prepares the items (and customer picks up - if customers making own transport or deulvers items at the construction site if Kenyabuy arranges transport service).

    7. Signature and papertrail completes the transaction.

ProductDimension (meters)Price
Versatile Roofing Sheets2.1 X 1Send email inquiry
Versatile Roofing Sheets2.4 X 1Send email inquiry
Versatile Roofing Sheets2.7 X 1Send email inquiry
Versatile Roofing Sheets3.0 X 1Send email inquiry
we can also special order other lengths up to 4.8m in steps of 0.3m
increments. For example 3.3x1,3.6x1,3.9x1,4.2x1,4.5x1,4.8x1
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