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Cooking Oil: Kimbo 1 Kg
Cooking Oil: Kimbo 1 Kg
Price : €3.68
Kimbo "The heart of every meal"
The classic Kimbo still tastes like it did 30yrs ago.
It's the best choise for many households in Kenya.
Kimbo is a pure white vegetable fat, loaded with vitamins and the perfect ingredient for all baking and cooking.
Facts about Kimbo
 Kimbo is white cooking fat that has a smooth, grain less texture.
 Its made from refined palm oil and its derivatives.
 It is suitable for various methods of cooking including baking and frying.
 Kimbo is pure vegetable fat with 0.00% cholestrol and therefore very healthy.
 It is fortified with Vitamin A which is necessary for good eyesight - certified by Ministry of Health and the Kenya Bureau of Standards.
 It also has Vitamin D, which is necessary for strong bones.
 Kimbo is available for export in 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg and 4 kg packaging.
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